They are bears. They are always hungry. They are resourceful. They are fun!

Although they differ from each other, their shared love of food makes them the best of friends. Nedved likes serious reading, watching TV and browsing the Internet while Mishka is into stories about bears. Together, they love to stuff their tummies full and that’s why their everyday adventures revolve around inventive ways to find munchies.

However, as the child viewers themselves might know, even the best plans sometimes fail, but that is not a reason to give up! Hungry bears never do, which makes for humorous plot twists, lot of excitement and, above all, happy endings.

  • Director Alexandra Hetmerová, Kateřina Karhánková
  • Producer Bára Příkaská
  • Art and design Filip Pošivač
  • Animation by Kredenc
  • Supervisor Milan Kolář
  • Coordinator Sam Dauda
  • Animators Jakub Sršeň, Standa Sekela
  • 3D Artist Michal Hons

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