In the grim reality of the 1950s, Josef Hasil risked his life to help people escape from the hardships of Czech communism and over the West Germany’s borders to find better life.

We are proud to work on the documentary feature film about this hero’s life with Irish director Kris Kelly. In the movie, the present and the past ingeniously intertwine. All the memories and re-enactments of what happened are brought to life by animated sequences masterfully depicting the dismal atmosphere of those times.

Kredenc is currently working on animation spanning around 25 minutes.

  • Director Kris Kelly
  • Producer Vratislav Šlajer
  • Director of Photography Jaromír Kačer
  • Format 85 min Animated Documentary Feature
  • Animation by Kredenc
  • VFX supervisor Milan Kolář
  • Coordinator Sam Dauda
  • 3D Artists Michal Hons, Barbora Darmová, Martin Hanuš
  • 2D Artists Lukáš Glasser
  • Animators Jakub Sršeň, Martin Duda, Robert Cox

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