Rosa and Dara

Why does it rain? And how big are the stars? You can find the answers to all these and many more questions in this animated series that will have parents fascinated as much as their kids. Get absorbed by the adventures of 7-year-old twins Rosa and Dara, their mischievous dog Laiko and their ingenious grandparents. Did you know that learning can be exciting and fun can be educational?

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Mini webisodes
Feature film in pre-production
Making of

The artistic style and design of Rosa & Dara’s world is a unique combination of 3D animation, hand-painted and hand-drawn animation and other art techniques. This approach enables us to work with original painted characters and objects within a 3D world. We can makes use of real camera techniques such as depth of field and work within these painted environments as we do with real world.


Kredenc designs and produces a lot of merchandise. We are preparing children’s stationery, smart toys and comfy bed linen. We will also add books, apps, games and other items to complete the Rosa & Dara’s world.

Rosa and Dara’s Book

  • Direction and Design Martin Duda
  • Producer Vratislav Šlajer
  • Line Producer Barbora Příkaská
  • Format 25 min TV Special, 5x2min webisodes
  • Feature film in pre-production
  • Animation by Kredenc
  • VFX supervisor Milan Kolář
  • 3D Artists Barbora Darmová, Martin Hanuš, Michal Hons, Aleš Zvolánek, Radek Chovančík
  • 2D Artists Martin Duda, Matej Kardelis
  • Animators Jakub Sršeň, Mirek Zachariáš, Vladimíra Macurová, Konstantin Petrov, Antonio Selgado-Martin, Jitka Svozilová

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